This is the selective restriction of entrance or exit to a premises or property.
We at Smack Technical Services will endeavor to ensure that only authorized personnel have access to your premises.
Here are some of the technologies used to control movement in your premises:
1)    Door Access Control-This system incorporates the use of readers and swipe cards to open door. In hotels locks that incorporate access control software are also used to control movement in and out of a room.
2)    Biometric Systems-Smack Technical Services will install systems that read a finger print or facial features that allow access.
3)    Recognition Systems-We install time attendance systems in a work place to confirm presence or absence of employees and at what time he or she reported to work.
4)    Access control in Factories-Smack Technical Systems turnstiles with 90 to 120 rotor assemblies and full alarm assemblies. We provide full height turnstiles constructed from mild and stainless steel for longevity and maintenance free performance.